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Sharon Ziv

Welcome and hello, I’m Sharon, and I work as a registered psychotherapist and yoga teacher in Lisle, Ontario.  I’ve been practicing professionally for over 10 years in Canada and internationally.  My Psychotherapist days began with my education in Toronto and Chicago where I obtained my Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology. I started off specializing in addictions, eating disorders, mood disorders and trauma and worked with in-patient and out-patient hospital centers.  I also always maintained a private practice expanded to family and couples counseling.

After many years of working within a western framework I set out on a journey to Asia to be inspired and to learn. I spent many years living in Thailand and travelling in and out of India immersing myself in completely new philosophies and ways of healing.   In India I became a certified Yoga instructor (RYT200) and  have been teaching yoga aimed at self healing for the past four years.  I combine all these philosophies in the yoga retreats and self-healing workshops that I run in Canada and India every year.  I love to work with a holistic approach as true change often requires tending to not only the mind but body and spirit as well.  When working with me in psychotherapy it is not necessary to immerse in all healing modalities as this is a choice for the client to make. 

Being a therapist and having the opportunity to take the journey of recovery with clients is one of my greatest joys.  I hope we have a chance to meet if ever you are ready for some change in your life.


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