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Hi, we're Sharon and Stony. For many years we had a dream to build a place where people can come to heal themselves, reconnect with nature and practice peaceful community. Life seems to get faster and faster and the wisdom of silence and quiet introspection is often overlooked or hard to come by.

After living many years abroad in Thailand and studying in India, we were inspired to build a healing center and community where people could devote time to themselves and integrate healing of the mind, body and soul. We wanted to create a space for people to experience inner peace and joy.  Yoga Cabin hosts yoga retreats and self-healing workshops in a beautiful log cabin in the woods.  We hope you come and spend the day with us in the cabin and enjoy the 9 acres of forested land and manicured gardens.  Come and enjoy peace.


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Co-founder, Yoga Teacher, Psychotherapist

Sharon is a registered psychotherapist, yoga teacher and world traveller.  Her carreer began in Toronto where she lived after obtaining her Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology in 2006.  She began practicing in the area of Eating Disorders and has worked with both inpatient and out-patient populations.  In 2010 after a year of travelling abroad she met her partner and settled in Thailand for several years.  While living in Asia she opened a private practice for expatriates and began integrating holistic treatments of yoga, psychotherapy, and self-healing.

Yoga became a big part of the picture when she completed her first teacher training program in India. It became very apparent to her that yoga and spirituality in combination with psychotherapy creates a more holistic healing path. Today Sharon teaches yoga based on her Hatha lineage, but also weaves deeper healing cues to make for a more holistic experience. Along with hosting yoga retreats, workshops, co-teaching yoga teacher trainings, and hosting an India tour, Sharon also accepts private clients for therapy / counseling.

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Co-founder, Groundskeeper, Farming Project Director

Stony is world traveller originally from Klagenfurt Austria. Starting his journey a the age of 18 by serving as a UN peacekeeper in Syria and Kosovo. His sense of adventure only grew after these experiences and Stony continued to travel the world. He became a scuba diving instructor and taught and managed dive centres in Thailand, Egypt, Mexico, Spain, and the Maldives.

After many years abroad he met his wife and co-founder Sharon in Thailand where they began their path and inspiration for Yoga Cabin. Today Stony Maintains the 9 acre property making it the dream it is for visiting guests. He manages the farming volunteers working on greenhouse and outdoor vegetation. Stony also has extensive training in outdoor survival and hiking expeditions and is available to contact regarding upcoming wilderness tours. He also makes unbelievable raw chocolate desserts.


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